The Force To Create

Bella Nova Gems represents the creative expression of those who enjoy standing apart from the crowd. My job is to make sure you have something to wear that expresses your individuality with my designs or your custom request that will express your inner creativity and inspire conversation with those you meet.

About me:
All my life I've enjoyed the study of ancient lore, stones used in religion and healing properties of gemstones in history. Designing and crafting jewelry in metal and stone has become and still is still my greatest source of exhilaration. The desire to create is born from a deep reverence for Nature, her moods and her creatures. Moved by the power of the divine in all things, metals and gemstones can be interpreted as “creatures of the earth”. I am stirred by the fact that each primary element (air, fire, water and earth) all in some way contributes to the formation of the materials I work with. So ancient, so symbolic, I am constantly motivated by an inexhaustible force to create. I love soft spirals, sculptural undulating shapes, serpentine lines, richness of color, contradicted by the hardness of metal and stone.

I love what I do, and feedback that comes from my customers is another wonderful source of inspiration! Requests for custom pieces are welcome. I love the challenge of working the translation from what my customer sees in their mind brought to reality for them.
Jewelry has such deep roots as symbolic lasting treasures, can be the ultimate form of affection when given as a gift, and in my humble opinion, one can never have enough!

About Argentium Silver:
The jewelry I create is crafted with natural gemstones set in solid 100% .935 Argentium Silver wire which is 93.5% pure fine silver and is guaranteed minimum silver content of 93.5% - exceeding the traditional Sterling standard. Argentium Silver ~ purer, brighter, hypoallergenic, stronger, tarnish resistant and responsible, made from ethically sourced silver. For more about Argentium Silver:
(Exceptions may occur with certain designs where Argentium silver components are not available, in this case, those components used are made of traditional .925 sterling silver.)

"The whole Universe is art... I believe that the very force that is behind all of creation is inherent in all humans. When that primordial creativity is cultivated even just a little, every human has an affinity for art."

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